Collaborative communities are the answer.

New Work Cities works with organizers, hosts, and officials to foster interdependence everywhere.

Coworking Compassion Project

Shared spaces create opportunities for people to foster a sense of togetherness in ways that can truly make a lasting impact on people’s lives. By creating places where people can feel accepted, included, and encouraged to work on building their own businesses, we can help more and more people to feel connected to their neighbors and empowered to be masters … Read More

Join the Collaborative Space Builders Academy!

As you might know by now, I’m on a personal mission to see to it that there is a thriving, accessible, inclusive, awesome coworking space in every city in the world. Not just nice shared workspaces, but truly transformative centers that people know they can go to when they need to make a new friend or get some help growing … Read More

Collabo-tition: Turn your competitors into collaborators and win!

So… you’re starting (or running) a space, and there are others running spaces in your area! How do you treat these other people who are doing similar work to the work you are wanting to do? When you arrive at this place, you have a choice: go the old way, or consider the new way. If you’re willing, I think … Read More

Want help working on your space? Join our Summer Cohorts!

Since moving back to New York a few months ago, I’ve been getting a lay of the land for the coworking scene here. You know what I’ve noticed? There are a lot of spaces… no, really, coworking is everywhere. It’s highly visible. It’s on signs, in windows. It’s the big spaces and it’s funky new startups. But it’s also… just … Read More

Coworking in City Hall? ‘Seoul good!

Today my Badass Friend™ Ashley Proctor posted a photo from a flight she was on, featuring a documentary on coworking that she found on the in-flight entertainment system: …which, unto itself, is just another sign of just how far coworking has come to the mainstream. But wait, there’s more! This isn’t just a puff piece on fancy-looking office rentals. They … Read More