Coworking Business Model Template

Hard to believe as it may be, the coworking industry is growing fast without there being a lot of commonly accepted business models for it.

On its own, coworking actually doesn’t work all that well as a business, unless you approach it in one of a handful of ways that have proven to be effective.

wIf you rush into building a space without planning out how the model will be sustainable, you’ll hit some serious challenges down the road–whether by way of burnout, or competition, or rent hikes.

I’m here to do whatever I can to help ensure you avoid that.

Which takes us to business models.

I’ve adadpted the projections we used at New Work City, which actually ended up being scarily accurate over the course of 5 years, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

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Researching opening a spaceActively working on a new spaceSigned a leaseAbout to open (less than 2 months)Recently opened a spaceBeen open more than a yearOther

Business / StartupCommunity buildingEconomic DevelopmentReal estateResearch/AcademicOther

Want to go further? Consider our Coworking Business Model Premium Package!

In the premium package, you’ll receive the following:

👥 Membership projections

Easily see how many members you’ll have and what they’ll pay

🏢 Office rental projections

Estimate your income from renting offices of various sizes

🎉 Event rental projections

Determine potential income for different kinds of events programs

📈 Sponsorship projections

Get a sense of possible income from sponsors

📉 Expenses

A detailed breakdown of expenses, based on our real experience running a space

🔢 Capacity calculator

Easily estimate how many seats and offices you can fit into a space of a given size

💰 Member pre-payments

Plan for pre-paid memberships to help with buildout costs

📊 5- and 10-year forecasts

Show your projected income and expenses for the long term

🏗 Capital costs estimator

Gauge potential costs for outfitting a space

📋 Sponsorship templates

If you want to get sponsors to support your new space and its programs, use templates based on documents we’ve used to get sponsorships from Google, HP, Pearson, .CO and more

All this and more!