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Full-time access

Just want to come and go as often as you like?

  • Work in the space as much as you like M-F
  • Bring in a lock and use one of our lockers




Part-time access

When you need a place to stop by, but don't need it every day.

  • Access four days per month
  • Additional days are $30/day
  • Book meeting rooms in advance




Join the community

You don't need to work here with regularity to participate. Join us!

  • 1 Day Pass included per month
  • Discounts on additional days
  • Participate in all activities

Day Pass

A la carte


Drop in for a day

Just need a spot to land for a day?

  • No reservation needed!
  • All basic amenities included!
  • Meet members!
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Our culture has been carefully cultivated over the course of the past five years to ensure that everyone who participates shares a sense of mutual respect over our space and each other. That means we trust each other to take care of things ourselves, which we find makes everything far more pleasant!

Meet amazing people.
Our profile directory, discussion group, and events make it easy for you to find people to befriend and collaborate with.

Get feedback.
Launching something new? Post it to our discussion group or show it off at our regular Show & Tell!

Stand, sit, or lounge.
What's your favorite spot? Choose from a variety of desks, standing desks, couches, and long tables.

Sign up or cancel anytime.
You manage your own subscription, so you can change your membership status on your own schedule.

Share everything.
From the internet to the coffee to the printers to the meeting rooms, everything in the space is shared by everyone.

Cowork around the world.
Membership gets you access to dozens of partnered coworking spaces around the world with the Coworking Visa!

Work late into the evening.
We're New Yorkers, so a lot of us work long hours. If you need to work late, talk to us!

Enjoy speedy internet.
We've got two business-class cable connections and a backup line in case anything goes wrong.

Frequent gatherings give you lots of ways to become involved. Want to organize something? Let us know!

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Membership is open to all and starts with you getting in here to get a feel for the culture and the space.
Got questions? Email us at or call us at (212) 226-1585!
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Stewards of the community

Sarah Feliciano

Space Captain


Veronica Ludwig

Program Manager / Bartender


Peter Chislett

Deputy Mayor


Tony Bacigalupo



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