Build the community hub you always wanted.

Your space is more than just a place to work. But how do you explain what that means?

Learn how to tell your story in a way that will attract the amazing members you want and set you up for sustainable growth and impact.

A simple, proven process

It starts with one shift: away from thinking in terms of renting space to people, and towards inviting them to participate in a program you offer.

Our program is simple and easy to run: it's one that gives your current and new members an opportunity to set goals, share challenges, and build strong bonds.

When I was a couple years into running Manhattan's first coworking space, New Work City, I was starting to struggle. I was facing stiff competition from this young new local upstart called WeWork and a few well-funded others. I found myself walking into a room of people who seemed to just seemed to show up, put their headphones on, and go right home. I didn't get into this business to run an office full of strangers.

I realized that just offering workspace wasn't enough—and the appeal of community only worked if it was tied to something concrete and valuable.

So I invented Cotivation.

Cotivation let me make a critical switch from renting space to sharing an invitation. It created much-needed urgency: "join by this date to be part of the next cohort."

I attracted new and existing members. We set goals. We workshopped our way through challenges and celebrated our wins. We formed deep bonds.

Before I knew it, my coworking space was thriving. We never looked back.

As a member of New Work Cities, you'll learn how to craft your own progarms just like this one. I'll even give you the literal playbook.

You'll be amazed how easeful it can feel.


Learn & get support

Along the way, you'll learn:

  • The proven business models for coworking that work
  • How to attract new members and keep them engaged
  • How to avoid burnout and run your business sustainably
  • How to host events without getting overwhelmed

And much more. You'll be drawing on the experience of both veteran and recent coworking space owners, led by someone who's been at this for as long as anyone.



Be a part of something bigger

And we're taking things a step further: we're coordinating our efforts.

Amidst the real health crisis known as the loneliness epidemic, spaces like yours are playing a critical role in offering people a place to connect.

Members of our group will have the opportunity to participate in coordinated programming and shared messaging, all designed to show prospective members, sponsors, and partners just how important our work is and why they should get involved.



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