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The new world of work is one we get to cultivate together. We're here to ensure you have everything you need to thrive and help your neighbors do the same.

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Our Organizer Powerups series offers you six specific ways you to build a purposeful, long-lasting community. Complete with handy tips, personal stories, and worksheets!


It all started in a Man­hattan loft.

Work-from-home entrepreneurs (and damn nice guys) Amit Gupta and Luke Crawford realized that while they liked being able to work from anywhere, they missed the social experience of a traditional office. So they did something simple: every other Thursday, they invited anyone who was interested to join them for a day of casual work and fun among like-minded people.

That simple idea was life-changing to a lot of people, especially me.

I not only saw a chance to get out of my house and befriend some amazing people, I saw a chance to help lots of others make a badly needed transition to a new and better way of working.

It turns out, I wasn't alone.

Lots of people were aching for a new way to connect in real life while learning how to work for themselves. So I found others who were looking for what I was looking for, and before I knew it we were building one of NYC's first ever coworking spaces.

I'm Tony Bacigalupo, and I've dedicated my work to helping people build great collaborative communities everywhere.

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Free 6-week mini-course

The Organizer Powerups series is a free gift to you to help you get going as a crafter of authentic community. Each week, you'll receive a free exercise including worksheets and links to help you learn how to build a lasting culture.

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eBook: No More Sink Full of Mugs

Jam-packed with tips from our experience building one of NYC's first and most well-renowned coworking spaces, get a peek into what it's really like to run a space and how to avoid some of the most common pitfalls.

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NWC Organizers Club

Our main offering! The Organizers Club includes everything from our Ultimate Coworking Toolkit, regular online work­shops with fellow organizers, an online discussion group, a single one-on-one coaching session, and much more.

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Personal coaching

I've been in the business since 2007, having personally built and organized several communities and spaces of my own and helping hundreds of others around the world to build theirs. Let me help you myself!

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“The day I started working with Tony I was finally able to take a deep breath. For the first time in years I felt I truly had someone looking out for me and my business. It's refreshing to know I'm not alone”
Ashley Proctor, GCUC Canada & 312 Main