Coworking Space Employee Manual Template

Documentation is freedom. 

It’s easy to put it off, especially if you started off being the only person running the show. You just know all of the little shortcuts—the weird way your content management system formats things, how to get the trash bag to fit on the can just right—how could you properly delegate everything that goes into running your place?

The problem, of course, is that the more your business depends on you, the more shackled to it you’ll be. 

Fortunately, your path to freedom is not far away. 

Documenting every last little bit of how you run your business is painful. But avoiding it just prolongs the inevitable.

Take a deep breath and think about the hundreds or even thousands of hours of work you’ll be saving yourself over the course of the next several years.

It feels good, right?

The scariness of getting things documented and delegated starts to subside once you begin.

But where do you even begin?

For that, I’ve got your back. 

“This has changed my life. Thank you so much.”

Angel Kwiatkowski, longtime space manager, on her path to liberation

The Coworking Space Employee Manual Template is based on a real-life coworking space’s manual.

I’ve stripped out all of the identifying information and made it easy for you to pop your space’s information in there yourself. 

Filling in a template like this will help you see what you might not see on your own—you can identify topics that need to be noted, that you know all about, but didn’t think to write down yet.

More importantly, you can create a living document that can be continuously improved by you and the other members of your team as you go.

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  7. Events
  8. In case of Emergency

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