New Work Cities connects, educates, encourages, and inspires people everywhere to join, start, host, or support collaborative communities of empowered workers.

We started out running one of NYC’s first coworking spaces, New Work City, from 2008 to 2015. During that time, we learned a lot about what the future of work and life looks like in a world that doesn’t depend on traditional employment.

Now, we’re taking what we’ve learned and helping people around the world build communities and spaces that help people transition from dependence to interdependence.


We envision a world in which…

  • employment is considered only one of a great many paths for someone’s professional aspirations.
  • people work for themselves but feel as if they’re a part of something bigger that supports them.
  • people can feel just as secure working for themselves as they might when working for someone else.


We’re here to…

  • show people how awesome life can be when you work for yourself in community with others doing the same.
  • instigate the development of collaborative communities everywhere.
  • support those among us who are organizing independent workers in new and valuable ways.


We believe…

  • the future is one in which traditional employment is no longer the norm.
  • collaborative communities provide the support that many people need to feel strong enough to make this transition.
  • an attitude of relentless positivity always yields the most effective results.
  • community is more than just a marketing term.
  • the least interesting part of a shared workspace is the workspace.
  • when people form good relationships with each other, good things happen to everyone around them.
  • people who feel a sense of agency over their professional destiny are less prone to be afraid or manipulated.


We espouse values that help people shift their focus…

  • from hoarding to sharing.
  • from hierarchies to networks.
  • from individualism to mutualism.
  • from value chains to value cycles.
  • from competition to collaboration.
  • from dependence to interdependence.
  • from one form of capital to all forms of capital.

Read more about our backstory and our manifesto.