Coworking Toolkit

Compiled from 10+ years of managing one of the NYC’s first coworking spaces and helping thousands of people start new spaces all over the world, this toolkit is jam-packed with resources that can save the average coworking space owner countless hours.

Handy templates, best practices, signage, and so much more!

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What’s in the Toolkit


  • How to Create Your Ultimate Mastermind Team Workbook (a free resource available here)
  • No More Sink Full of Mugs: Lighten your workload, increase participation, and build better culture in your coworking space, an eBook we produced! Available for purchase here.

Business Planning

  • Premium business model template! Plug in a few key numbers, get detailed projections! This premium template offers detailed breakdowns of costs and potential income sources, estimates capacity, and much more. This is a super valuable resource! Learn moreView video walkthrough
  • Long-term planning worksheet. Where is your coworking community headed? Learn about the potential directions and exit strategies, then orient your actions around the one that feels the most right to you!
  • Pre-launch checklist. What needs to get done before you open your space to the world? Run through this checklist and make sure you’ve at least considered everything on it to ensure you’ll be off the the best possible start!


  • How to design for all levels of membership. Some members are going to be superstars, while others will prefer to sit back and observe. This worksheet helps you look at each level of participation and ensure you’re designing for healthy transitions between them.
  • How to start a community from scratch. When you’re just getting started, how do you find your first members and lay the best possible foundation? This worksheet walks you through what you need to know to get started.
  • Member engagement status tracker template. Easily evaluate all the members and their current level of engagement in the community. It’s super valuable, especially when working with a team, for everyone to know who the most and least engaged members are, so you can give them the attention they need. This makes that a lot easier!
  • Quick community audit. A simple, printable worksheet that can be used in tandem with the engagement status tracker.


  • Coworking brand-related materials. Show your love for the global movement you’re a part of!


  • Community Cultivator Program – Draft recruiting post. Use this to recruit people to volunteer for shifts at your front desk!
  • Coworking space employee manual template. Use this as a starting point and fill in the blanks to more easily create your own employee manual!


  • Cotivation. A handbook and a trove of materials showing you how to plan, promote, and run a program with a proven track record of helping spaces build amazing culture among their members. Learn more about Cotivation here.
  • Impact Coworking Program Manual. Integrate participation and healthy programming right into your membership model while maintaining a constantly refreshed community with this seasonal program. Learn more here!
  • Program template: Show & Tells. A printable recipe for running a simple but incredibly valuable program.
  • Program template: Welcome Aboard Member Meetings (WAMM!). A printable recipe for a regular event that invites new and existing members to get to know each other. A great way to onboard new members into the community!

Resources & research

  • A constantly updated compendium of studies, impact reports, resources, and whatever else we come across that we think might be useful.


  • Event signage (18 files)
  • Facility Signage (30 files)
  • Links to editable versions of signage (via Canva)
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