Impact Coworking Program

We’re developing a program designed to empower coworking communities to more easily attract and retain new members, provide more value, and build stronger and more authentic, lasting community.

How do we intend to do all of that? By getting to the root of what people who are interested in coworking really need.

People who work for themselves need structure, accountability, a sense of belonging, and a support system around them for whatever arises in their journey.

Coworking provides a lot of these things naturally, if accidentally. Our Impact Coworking program aims to make it easier for coworking spaces to capture the positive effects they’re having on their members and a way to know how to make improvements to do even better.

Component 1: Impact Tracking

Before we do anything else, we want to get a good idea of who we’re dealing with, what’s on their mind, and where they want to go. Our Impact Tracking program covers this, giving coworking spaces a quarterly survey to pass along to their members (as well as to incoming members upon registration) to learn more about them and, importantly, how the coworking space is helping them.


  • Current income versus income in previous quarters
  • Upcoming goals
  • Challenges
  • Which resources, people, events, and communities have been most helpful
  • Happiness and confidence in key categories:
    • Finances
    • Management
    • Personal life
    • Work enjoyment
    • Sense of stability

Collecting this data allows us to generate a report illustrating what members have achieved and how the coworking space has been doing.

Component 2: Member-led programming

With the greater knowledge in hand, we can then design programming to ensure members have a chance to help each other in the ways they need.

Our programs are designed to give members a way to set goals, share accountability, and work in structured sprints alongside one another. At the end of each seasonal program cycle, members gather to present their progress, review where they struggled, celebrate, then reconvene to set the next season’s goals.


  • Interest meeting
  • Kickoff event
  • Goal setting & team forming session
  • Themed Work Sprints
  • Show & tells
  • Review sessions
  • Celebrations

How it works

Once you register with us, we’ll set up your member survey and work with you to integrate the program into your calendar. It goes a little something like this:

  1. Register. (contact us!)
  2. We’ll set up your survey. You’ll get a link to the survey form and the backend results.
  3. We’ll work with you to set up your events calendar. We’ll work with your existing events management scheme or help you design a new one.
  4. Launch! With our help, you’ll launch the new program, inviting potential and current members to participate.
  5. Execute! Members will register, you’ll gather them, and you’ll learn as you go. We’ll be there to guide you, along with the other organizers in other cities.
  6. Review! As you go, some parts of the program will work better than others. We’ll go over everything together, celebrate successes, brainstorm on challenges, and determine a plan for the next program. We’ll be doing essentially the same thing our members will be doing in the program itself!

Want to bring Impact Coworking to your space?

We’re currently working with partners on a one-on-one basis. If you’re interested in being a part of our test program, contact us!