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Since moving back to New York a few months ago, I’ve been getting a lay of the land for the coworking scene here.

You know what I’ve noticed? There are a lot of spaces… no, really, coworking is everywhere. It’s highly visible. It’s on signs, in windows. It’s the big spaces and it’s funky new startups.

But it’s also… just sort of there. And, having spoken with a fair number of different people in the industry here, I get the sense that there’s a need for something more.

If you’re starting or running a space, you don’t want to fall into things just kind of happening. You want to be making things happen. 

Just being a nice space with pretty furniture isn’t going to do it anymore. You need to be ready to bring something more meaningful.

What’s that look like for you? What do you truly care about? How can you manifest that passion in your project, so others can be attracted to it?

The online membership group that I’m building, the Organizers Club, is aimed at giving its members every possible way to get the operational challenges out of the way so there’s room to focus on answering this question.

We’ve got a treasure trove of templates and worksheets to cover best practices and save you time.

As for the rest… the hard questions, the hopes and dreams, the big ideas… that’s where our new Summer Cohorts come in.

Summer Cohorts are like your personal advisory board.

Fellow space managers and owners will gather to take turns sharing what’s going on for them, inviting everyone to offer advice and ideas. I’ll be personally on-hand to offer guidance as well.

We’ll meet once a week in alternating video and chat formats, so we’ll get a nice mix of face time without taking up too much of our working hours.

See more details in this handy flyer I made:

Pretty, right? I think it is. 🙂

Register by Friday, July 28. The first cohorts will kick off Monday, July 31!

Learn more and register here:

How’s this land for you? Feeling ready to rock? Have questions?

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