Announcing the Coworking Compassion Project 2017 winners!


Coworking has the tremendous potential to reduce suffering through togetherness and empowerment, especially among underserved populations.

To support the success of communities that serve these populations, a group of professional coworking consultants, myself included, have banded together to offer a scholarship that provides our services free of charge to deserving applicants.

Today I’m proud to announce the Coworking Compassion Project is offering thousands of dollars’ worth of workshops, ebooks, masterminds, courses, and one-on-one consulting to eight deserving applicants. These applicants are working with women, parents, the formerly incarcerated, folks in rural Kenya… some amazing efforts.

On behalf of my collaborators, Alex Hillman, Angel Kwiatkowski, Cat Johnson, Chris Cooley, Iris Kavanagh, Ramon Suarez, and Ryan Chatterton, I’m honored to award our scholarships to these passionate, dedicated community builders:

  • Ashifa Alibhai of Ahansa Business Systems in Kenya,
  • Christina Otto of the Jaden Foundation in St. Clair Shores,
  • Diane Chevalard of Working Ensemble in Toronto,
  • Lina Huffman of the Bridge Coworks in Calgary,
  • Nicola Parr of the Amp in Vancouver,
  • Lincoln Farquharson of Newark College Institute in New Jersey,
  • Sandra Acosta of I Hire in El Salvador,
  • and Stephanie Desaulniers of Covation Center in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word!



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