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Ever tried hosting and organizing at the same time?

It’s a whole lot of one thing: work. Work prepping the space beforehand, sending out invites, making sure everything’s set, oh hell I forgot to get bags of ice, people will be here any minute. Work during the party. Does everyone have beverages? Is anyone bored? Cups are everywhere. Must tidy. Did anyone go to pick up more ice? What … Read More

Starting a coworking space? Plan to avoid the Red Zone, and save yourself a lot of trouble!

To get a new space open, you need to do probably at least several thousand different things. No matter what you do, you’re not going to get to all of them, and you’re not going to get them all right. It’s amazing how much leeway you get, actually. I realized, having built a business from scratch, just how many things … Read More

Coworking Business Model Template

Hard to believe as it may be, the coworking industry is growing fast without there being a lot of commonly accepted business models for it. On its own, coworking actually doesn’t work all that well as a business, unless you approach it in one of a handful of ways that have proven to be effective. If you rush into building … Read More