Join one of our new 2019 Coworking Cohorts!


The new year is upon us! This is one of the BEST times of year to grow your community and attract new supporters—lots of people are back to work, changing jobs, or just plain ready to get out of the house, so let’s make sure you make the most of this moment!

For the past few years, I’ve been experimenting with different ways to help people who want to build coworking spaces.

If you want to help people find belonging and prosperity in your city, then I want to see you succeed!

I know that the membership-based program I’ve used to date is a solid model that’s well worth the money—for only $99 a month, I’ve been able to help my members save tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars and helped them grow their communities with the least amount of effort possible. 

Now, I want to go further to really lock in long-term prosperity for everyone I work with.

Announcing our new Coworking Cohorts! Set a goal, get guidance, and stick to it. 

The people I work with tend to be focused on one of the following core topics:

  1. Developing a business model & launch plan 
  2. Securing funding 
  3. Getting more members after opening
  4. Making operations run more smoothly & planning for the long-term

While you might be working on more than one of these things, you’re likely focused on at least one of these things. 

So each of these categories is now a Cohort. 

As a member, you will have a chance to join the one that best aligns with your current needs. You’ll work alongside others who are at a similar stage in their development as I guide you through the process of identifying your goals and next steps. 

How it works

It’s going to be super simple but super effective:

  1. Apply to join by January 15.
  2. Pick the cohort that best fits your needs during the registration process.
  3. Join for a kickoff meeting in late January.
  4. Get assistance in crafting a plan that’s proven, efficient, and achievable, using our proven strategies as a starting point.
  5. Set a goal for the quarter.
  6. Check in with quick updates each week.
  7. Make adjustments as you go, with our help.
  8. Watch your momentum build as you find increasing success.
  9. Celebrate! At the end of the quarter, we’ll host a show & tell and celebrate successes. This will be a great chance to generate some content to show off to your community!
  10. Review and renew. Where to from here? Let’s build on the momentum and keep things rolling!

Fun, right?

Don’t try to go it alone.

Building a successful coworking space is something you’ll do with the support of the people around you in your community, but it’s also something you’ll do with the support of people who are in the same position you are, who can help you with all the ups and downs and challenges and nuances that come with the position you’re taking on. 

If you feel like you don’t have other people who “get it” to talk to about what you’re working on, feel that way no more—we’re your people. 

Come join us and let’s make the world a little less lonely together.

Apply by January 15 to be included:

Plus! As soon as your registration is confirmed (within 1 day), you’ll get access to an absolute treasure trove of materials, business model templates, 60+ hours of video Q&As, and an opportunity to schedule a one-on-one coaching call with me to get all of your questions answered.

What do you say? See you there?

PS – Save $50 if you register by Monday, January 7 with code “HEY2019”!



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