Coworking Compassion Project


Shared spaces create opportunities for people to foster a sense of togetherness in ways that can truly make a lasting impact on people’s lives.

By creating places where people can feel accepted, included, and encouraged to work on building their own businesses, we can help more and more people to feel connected to their neighbors and empowered to be masters of their own destinies.

If you’re building a collaborative space for people from underserved communities, we want to help!

The Coworking Compassion Project provides a trove of resources and guidance to help deserving applicants get everything they need to build a thriving shared space.


  • Choice of Mastermind:
  • Choice of coaching:
  • Ebooks and Resources


The applicants most likely to be selected will be ones who:

  • Have an explicit mission to support underserved communities and/or social impact organizations
  • Involve some kind of a shared space
  • Have demonstrated a commitment to diversity on their leadership team
  • Have experience organizing and leading impactful communities
  • Have a clear need (not in a position to pay for all this stuff on their own!)


Applications are due by September 15. Winners will be announced October 4 at GCUC Canada in Vancouver.


Got questions? Email tony [at]!


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