Coworking in City Hall? ‘Seoul good!


Today my Badass Friend™ Ashley Proctor posted a photo from a flight she was on, featuring a documentary on coworking that she found on the in-flight entertainment system:

…which, unto itself, is just another sign of just how far coworking has come to the mainstream.

But wait, there’s more! This isn’t just a puff piece on fancy-looking office rentals. They find some really interesting projects to cover, in particular the Sharing City Seoul Initiative.

How Seoul’s City Hall coworking space works

  1. The space is first and foremost for city officials.
  2. Unused space is made available to the general public at a below-market rate.
  3. Some lounge spaces are available to the public, free of charge, all the time.

How do the government and the people interact in this space? What do they do to take advantage of all of the incredible civic potential this unlocks?

I don’t know, but like a young Lorraine Baines lusting after a handsome Calvin Klein, I’m gonna find out.

This is all in just the first four minutes of this 24-minute episode, the fifth in a series on the various new ways people are learning how to share.

If you’re the video-watching type, consider these!



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