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As you might know by now, I’m on a personal mission to see to it that there is a thriving, accessible, inclusive, awesome coworking space in every city in the world.

Not just nice shared workspaces, but truly transformative centers that people know they can go to when they need to make a new friend or get some help growing their business.

That means if you’re building a new space, I want to help you succeed!

Building a coworking space can be a scary thing, but it doesn’t have to be.

My network of space managers and I have been through it all.

There are LOTS of questions to answer, more than we’d ever imagined—but with determination, some clever strategies, and the endless help of our friends and communities, we were able to get there.

You can draw from all of that, AND get our help. I’ve created a toolkit and a network specifically so that you don’t have to spend time and money making mistakes and building from scratch things that I’ve already figured out.

So, as you work on your space, consider joining our Collaborative Space Builders Academy.

We’re here to help!


In the course of this 3-month jam session, we’ll address the following and more:

  1. Refine your business model. We’ll set you up with your own copy of our premium business model template, so we can walk through every aspect of what it will take to develop a profitable model!
  2. Identify your potential members. Figure out exactly who you’re going to be building this for, so you don’t have to guess. Along the way, we’ll be actually contacting and building relationships with some of these people, so you’ll have your first customers lined up right away!
  3. Develop a marketing plan. We’ll go through the best and most cost-efficient ways to attract and retain members… before you launch!
  4. Iron out space concerns. What kinds of challenges are coming up for you as you search for, negotiate, and design your space? Let’s get it all sorted out!
  5. Raise financing. Opening a new space costs money. Let’s go over all of the options you have to secure the support you need—I bet there are some options you haven’t thought of yet!
  6. Answer all of your questions.  Management software? How to save when buying toilet paper? Whatever’s on your mind, let’s get it answered!

How are we going to achieve all this?

We’re going to use the structures we developed in building our Organizers Club to walk you through it all!

  1. Weekly video Q&A’s. We’ll do some group coaching, address any outstanding questions, and go from there!
  2. Online discussion groups. over 40 space managers from around the world, there isn’t a question at least one of us can’t answer!
  3. A huge toolkit. Our Coworking Toolkit is jam-packed with worksheets, templates, programs, ebooks, research, and much more. Why start from scratch?

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All of this and much more is included in our Organizers Club membership, which is $99/mo.

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