Organizer’s Mindset


As opposed to the Space Owner’s Mindset…

Space Owner’s Mindset success metrics: Revenue from renting out space.

The space owner is only happy when things happen in their space. Everything that happens outside the space is either a marketing opportunity, competition, or irrelevant.

The space owner is inclined toward xenophobia, concerned with how their community fits into the wider landscape only insofar as it serves their need to ensure they’re hitting their numbers.

Organizer’s Mindset success metrics: Relationships forged, memorable experiences had, events organized, thriving sub-communities formed, lessons learned, laughs shared. 

The organizer sees success anywhere people are coming together, regardless of where. They actively support the development of new programs and communities that help to weave a stronger cultural fabric. They love to see when their city is home to programs like TEDx, Ignite, Startup Week, Girl Develop It, Barcamps, hackathons, Meetup groups, happy hours, and more.

Organizers are gardeners of culture.



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