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My first Meetup, or: How I made my first friends in NYC

Consider reading the previous chapter, My first day coworking: a moment that changed my life forever. To be notified about the next chapter, subscribe here! Around the same time I discovered Jelly, I also discovered a site called As its name implies, Meetup lets people host local gatherings around a particular interest, so people who share that interest could find each other and connect. … Read More

My first day coworking: A moment that changed my life forever

March of 2007, Long Island, NY, Age 22 I thought I’d invented something new. I was standing around the kitchen table at my parents’ home, where I’d just completed my quintessentially Millennial boomerang by calling it home again after college. We were brainstorming about the paradox of working from home versus working for someone else in an office. The idea … Read More

6 exit strategies for coworking spaces. Pick one, or one will be picked for you!

“I don’t need an exit strategy.” I remember thinking this when I got started building New Work City. I was so passionate, so committed, that I thought the very notion of walking away from this thing I was building was a betrayal. There were a lot of things I didn’t know about business when I got started. I certainly didn’t … Read More

How to Start a Coworking Space, Part 3: Barn-Raising

This is part of a series on how to start a coworking space. If you haven’t done so already, read Part 1: The Commitment, and then Part 2: Seeding the Community. Then head back here! By now, you’ve got an active community of people who are committed to helping realize their shared dream of a home for their community. Now, you’ve … Read More

What do you wish you knew when you started? 3 longtime coworking space owners speak out!

In the course of talking to some awesome coworking space owners from the US and Europe, I uncovered an interesting trend when it comes to what they wish they’d known when they got started. I was expecting logistical things. Technical things. Business things! But what I got was, almost universally, an emphasis on identity: “We’ve been open for 6 (!) years now … Read More

How to Start a Coworking Space, Part 2: Seeding the Community

This is part of a series on how to start a coworking space. If you haven’t done so already, read How to Start a Coworking Space, Part 1: The Commitment. Then head back here! “People don’t buy coffee. They buy the smell of coffee.” I’m going to let you in on a crazy secret. It’s not really a secret, but in … Read More

Help us name our new seasonal program for coworking spaces!

I’ve been interviewing lots of coworking space managers, and am noticing some common challenges: (1) attracting and retaining members, (2) maintaining a strong culture and avoiding the “everyone just walks in and puts on their headphones” phenomenon, and (3) lessening the load on the founders and decreasing burnout.   I believe I have a solution that addresses all of those … Read More

A Coworking Co-Op: It can be done!

Recently, in the Coworking Google Group (you’re on that, right?), Trevor Twining from Cowork Niagra started a conversation about the difficulty (or relative lack thereof) in establishing a coworking space as a co-op. Many other founders, including me, looked at the possibility of doing this, but judged it too complicated/scary/confusing to dive into. Trevor, thankfully, not just powered through such resistance, he … Read More

Announcing the development of the Ultimate Coworking Toolkit!

There are over 12,000 coworking spaces in the world now, with another 5,000 or so joining the ranks in 2016 alone. Nobody owns coworking. Nobody controls it, nobody licenses it. So where’s the manual? How are so many people around the world building what are, in many ways, the same thing? The answer is, there is no manual. Coworking is a natural, … Read More

How to Start a Coworking Space, Part 1: The Commitment

Firstly, congrats on deciding to start a coworking community! Before you do anything else, I highly recommend you join the Global Coworking Google Group and introduce yourself. There are over 5,000 people on that group, all over the world, helping each other with their coworking communities every day. In 2016 alone, about 5,000 new spaces will be opening around the … Read More