How to start from scratch

If you haven’t started a space yet, you don’t have anything to sell. This gives you a valuable entry point as we look at how to recruit your first supporters and members. 

When you’re just a person and not a business, you have a huge advantage.

People tend to treat other people very differently than they treat a business. 

We’ve spent our whole lives being conditioned to put up barriers when we deal with businesses. Businesses want to sell us things, we don’t necessarily totally trust them, and so we must be cautious.

If people see that you’re a company with a brand that’s trying to sell them something, you immediately fall into this hole. 

But if people just see another person who has an idea, it’s far more likely they’re going to be open to talking to you. 

Use that position to find the kinds of people who are going to help you.

Help people see that their dreams and yours are the same. 

When talking to prospective collaborators, you want to forge a genuine connection. Talk honestly about your values and motivations. Let your passion out! 

The more people can see the deep, resonant Why behind what you’re doing, the easier it will be for them to form an emotional connection to your project.

You’re not the only one who believes in the potential of collaborative communities. Find people who resonate with you and you’ll be on your way!

Keep an open mind.

At this early stage, you don’t yet know what role each person will play. The first few people you connect with about this project might become:

  • Business partners
  • Investors
  • Your first members
  • Evangelists
  • Connectors

Or some combination of those!

Go from one person to two. 

Then three, five, and so on. At this point, just getting that first handful of co-conspirators is your only concern.

Once you’ve got that handful of folks established, it won’t be just you working on getting the next round of participants.

Want help figuring out your next step? 

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