Building a coworking space means making some big decisions.

We're here to help you know you're making the right ones.

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A collaborative space can be a fulfilling, impactful, profitable, and enjoyable experience, but it all comes down to how much time you can dedicate to Being Awesome.

Unfortunately, Being Awesome can be hard to do when you're building and running a shared space. There's so much to distract you at every step of the way!

In fact, it's really easy to get stuck in the world of Just Surviving.

Just Surviving sucks. It's a world where you're nervously trying to book enough business to make it past the first of the next month. It's a world where you feel like you're doing all the work yourself, and people are always asking more of you. It's a world where competition continues to get scarier as more spaces open nearby.

There is, however, some good news...'re not the first to walk down this path. Far from it.

Folks like me have been there before. We've got the arrows in our backs to prove it.

Now, I'm taking everything I've learned from over ten years in the coworking world and sharing it with you, so you can quickly hop over challenges that took me years to surmount.

Why? Because I want you to have as much time to focus on Being Awesome as possible.

The more time you can Be Awesome, the more fun you'll have, the more money you'll make, the more people you'll help, and the more positive impact you'll have on the world.

And we need as many communities like these as we can get.

So I'm making it my personal mission to help you avoid the world of Just Surviving as much as possible—hopefully forever!—and give you as much opportunity as possible to focus on Being Awesome.

When you're stuck in Just Surviving mode, you're:

  • constantly worrying about getting more members.
  • constantly trying to get members to talk to each other.
  • working too many hours.
  • wearing too many hats.
  • sweating the fact that new spaces are opening nearby.
  • not making enough money to justify the work.
  • not sure what the long term plan is.
  • feeling like you got into this for a reason, but now it's getting lost in the operational distractions.

But that's not going to happen to you!

We're going to help you spend more time Being Awesome.

When you get to focus on Being Awesome, you:

  • feel like you always have the support you need.
  • are surrounded by passionate collaborators.
  • never have to worry too much about making ends meet.
  • have plenty of help to cover the day-to-day tasks.
  • see other spaces as potential collaborators.
  • have a clear sense of your long-term ambitions.
  • making unforgettable memories with your members.
  • never losing sight of why you got into this.

As a member of our Organizers Club, you'll have access to the following:

Templates and
worksheets aplenty.

Spreadsheets and signage galore!

Our Coworking Toolkit has a huge repository of valuable files. Welcome emails, signage, employee manuals, conference room policies, you name it—we spent thousands of hours developing these things for our space, and now you can simply copy and paste what we made. Swap out a logo or a placeholder name here and there and you're well on your way.

The toolkit also includes a number of templates and worksheets designed specifically to aid you as you develop your space. These documents will help you develop a purpose, find your first members, grow your community, attract sponsors, figure out your business model, manage your member engagement, and much more.

Best of all, I'm constantly updating it. Need something that's not here? Let's figure out how to make it!


Business planning


  • Cotivation
  • Impact Coworking Program
  • Show & Tells
  • Welcome Aboard Member Meetings


  • Membership level participation designer
  • How to start a community from scratch
  • Member engagement status tracker
  • Quick community audit.


  • Desk-sharing program template
  • Employee manual template


  • Event signage (18 files)
  • Facility Signage (30 files)
  • Links to editable versions of signage

Resources & Research

  • Lots of things. Too much to list here.

Get a peek at the full toolkit in this walkthrough video:

The toolkit is with your Organizers Club membership, but you can also buy it on its own for $399.

Of course, our group isn't just files—it's people! Amazing people.

A sup­port­ive comm­unity

Our community of over 30 coworking space owners and managers meet regularly online and through our discussion group to share tips and troubleshoot challenges as they arise.

Weekly group video sessions

Every Monday, we gather over video chat to discuss common topics, including new space planning, show & tell, marketing, events programming, sponsorship and more.

Can't make the call? I record and post every conversation to a private video channel for you to check back on later!

Experts on-hand

Through our discussion groups, you'll have access to the expertise and experience of a constellation of people with varying levels of experience.

Need someone with real estate experience? We've got that! How about someone who knows all about the different ways to incorporate? We've got that too! We have people who've built tiny spaces in small cities, big spaces in big cities, and everything in between.

Slack chats

We use our chat forum for quick questions and deeper dives into specific topics.

Need to celebrate, or just vent? Pop in and say hello!

Weekly digest

I send out a weekly email with links to new resources, updates on upcoming meetings, welcomes to new members, and any handy notes from recent discussions. It provides an excellent boost to your week!

Beyond the group, I'm personally here for you.

One-on-one help

Hey there! I'm Tony. I've been obsessed with collaborative communities since I first found one in a Manhattan loft in 2007.

I want you to know that, even if you don't join this group, you have someone on your side who truly, deeply cares about your success. I believe you're doing important work in this crazy world.

Membership in this group means you'll have access to me. We'll start with an hour-long consult call, but I'll be available over email and group discussions as we go.

(And yes, that's me on the cover of Inc Magazine. It has been an honor to represent this movement in such a visible way and to inspire many people to start and join coworking spaces all over the world!)

Past projects:

Jelly in NYC
New Work City
Startup Weekend
Community Builder Masterclass

Spoke at:

Coworking Europe
Freelance Conference
GCUC Australia
GCUC Canada
Maker Faire

Worked with:

312 Main
Vi Hub at Bell Works
Downtown Project
Hive at 55
Lots of others!
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“There's one thing that was very clear in the program: that Tony gen­uinely cares about your success! Whatever off-the-wall requests, grand­iose goals, or un­predicted problems appear, he will go above and be­yond to make sure that you have the tools and help you need.”
Kamila Klimek, ThinkSpace, Seattle

The details

Organizers Club membership includes:

Coworking Toolkit
Online discussion groups
One-on-one consult

Total cost:

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