New Work City is the result of the collective effort, passion, support, and dedication of hundreds of people in New York and around the world. Without every one of these people, New Work City would not exist.


To fund our space, we mounted a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. 256 fabulous people stepped up to spread the word and contribute, raising $17,911 in just five weeks. An extra special thanks goes out to all of these people for making NWC possible!

Founding Sponsors
Amy Hoy / Freckle
Aryeh Goldsmith
Emma Persky
Jason Keath / SocialFresh
Benjamin Howarth / Code Gecko
Lori Anne Wardi / .Co Internet
Mark Birch
Rob Kelley

All Kickstarter Supporters
Adam Quirk
Adam Wishneusky
Adam Wride
Adrian Bye
Alan Chan
Alandis Brassel
Alex Feerst
Alicia Gibb
Allison Battey
Ally Millar
Amanda Wang
Amber Rae Lambke
Ana Hevesi
Andrew Cornett
Andrew Krucoff
Andrew Zarick
Andy de la Lucha
Angel Meakins Kwiatkowski
Anna C. Lindow
Anna Frenkel
Anthony Townsend
Antonio Glessi
Apotheke Media
Ara Anjargolian
Ashish Kundra
Ben Bloom
Ben Fisher
Benjamin Melancon
Benny Wong
Boyuan Gao
Brandon Schlueter
Brian Papa
Bryan Barletta
Bryan Owens
Campbell McKellar
Carin Boone
Carl Collins
Catherine Mulbrandon
Charlie O'Donnell
Chris Ballance
Chris Munns
Chris Ricca
Christian Brink
Christin Roman
Christophe Ducamp
Chuck Robinson
Clare Irwin
Clarice Meadows
Cody Robbins
Colin McCloskey
Colin Nederkoorn
Colin Zwiebel
Connie Crosby
Craig Plunkett
Daniel Lees
Darrell Silver
Dave Martorana
Dave Schmierer
Dave Whittemore
David Christian
David Lifson
David Malterre
David Rodriguez
David Tisch
Dean Strelau
Don Crossland
Doree Shafrir
Ed Costello
Elysse Preposi
Emily Hickey
Emmanuel Bellity
Eric Marden
Eric Skiff
Erica Heinz
Erik Martin
Erin Sparling
Gene Powell
Gini Alhadeff
Giuseppe turitto
Greg Christman
Greg Hills
Greg Palmer
Greg Whalin
Gregory Galant
Harland Westgate
Howard Greenstein
Ian Smile
Ivete Tecedor
Jack Cheng
Jacob Brody
Jacob Sayles
Jacqueline Wahba
Jamie Wright
Jason Kende
Jason Marziani
Jason Wishard
Jay Hung
Jeff Devine
Jen Simmons
Jenn Hallam & Richard Jay
Jennie Mustafa-Julock
Jennie Tom
Jesse Kriss
Jesse Middleton
Jesse Taggert
Jim Moran
Joan Vermette
Joe Kondel
John Rhee
John Thomas
Jon Lazar
Jon Pierce
Jonathan Finnegan
Jonathan Wegener
Josh Knowles
Joshua Stylman
Juan Lopez-Valcarcel
Julia Kaganskiy
Julie Blitzer
Justin Purnell
Justin Reidy
Justin Smithline
Kara Masi
Kareem Kouddous
Karen Parry
Karol Munoz
Kate Moore
Katelyn Friedson
Kathi Arnow
Kathryn Velvel Jones
and Joey Brenneman
KC Neill
Kelly Reeves
Kevin Galligan
Kevin Prince
Kfir Shay
Kyle Cameron Studstill
Lee Semel
Leslie Forsyth
Linda E Mills
Lis Hubert
Lisa Bernstein
Lloyd Humphreys
Lloyd Walmsley
Louis Papa
Lucius Kwok
Marcus Derencius
Marilee Bowles-Carey
Mark Burstiner
Mark Crawford
Martin Gentry
Massimo Carraro
Mathew Sanders
Matthew Bergman
Matthew Knell
Maurice Williams
Melanie Gold
Melody Koh
Michael Angeles
Michael Chin
Michael Galpert
Michael Hoydich
Michael Karnjanaprakorn
Michael Lewis
Michael Oliver
Michael Trollan
Michelle DeForest
Micki Krimmel
Mike Singleton
Morgan Craft
Nate Westheimer
Neil Cohn
Neil Henegan
Nic Rosenthal
Nichelle Stephens
Nicholas Frota
Nicholas Saint
Nick Barr
Nick Gray
Nick Vlku
Nicole Sheley
Noel Hidalgo
Orian Marx
Paul Roales
Peter Dixon-Moses
Peter Hershberg
Peter Jaros
Pierre Nguyen
Prescott Perez-Fox
Richard & Doree Fisher
Ricky C.
Rob Jensen
Rosalie Bartlett
Roz Duffy
Samuel Clay
San Kim
Sanford M Dickert
Sara Chipps
Sarah Cooley
Sasha Rudenstine
Satjot Singh Sawhney
Scott Heiferman
Scott Tillitt
Seamus Condron
Sean O'Connor
Sebastien Huchet
Seth Blank
Shane Reiser
Shaun Salzberg
Sheila Maithel
Space Logix
Stephanie Kibbe
Stephen Klenert
Steve Cherches
Steve Guberman
Susan Evans
Tara Hunt
Taylor Davidson
The Bar of Soap
Tim Kress-Spatz
Tobin Schwaiger-Hastanan
Todd Gilman
Todd Terwilliger
Travis Melvin
Valary A Oleinik
Vicky Ayala
Victor Zambrano
Vinicius Vacanti
Wendy Brawer
Whitney Hess
Will Zweigart

NWC 2.0

Getting the doors open to our space at 412 Broadway required a herculean effort. These are the people who made that possible.

  • Darrell Silver / Perpetually

    Darrell and his startup, Perpetually, are one of NWC's awesomes success stories. Darrell built not only his startup at NWC, but his team as well-- hiring several of the members he met, and quickly outgrowing our space. When it came time for us to put pen to paper on a big new lease, Darrell stepped up in a huge way. He took a chance on us and made possible everything that has happened since.

  • Tina Fine / HomingCloud

    Since 2009, Tina has been working at NWC on her startup, HomingCloud. When we started undertaking the task of financing our new space, she was the first to offer up sponsorship of the new space- before we had even figured out what a sponsorship would look like yet! Her support gave us some much-needed encouragement.

  • Alex Godin

    Alex showed up out of the blue one day over the summer and rocked our worlds. When he overheard that we needed to shoot a video for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, he volunteered to make it happen- and proceeded to shoot, edit, and post the whole thing in about two days. The gorgeous video helped motivate a lot of people to donate a lot of money. Alex is an inspiration to us all.

  • Pearson

    Pearson stepped up in a big way by sponsoring us before we opened our doors, helping us to make the final push to finish construction. We've got a great ongoing relationship with them now and will be producing events with them periodically.

  • United Builders Group

    General contractor Travis Wood and his crew were instrumental in making NWC 2.0 possible-- without his transparency, communication, dedication, and his unheard of ability to deliver on time and on budget, UBG made it possible for us to open on time and stay in business.

    Working with UBG actually made our buildout fun. We highly recommend them.

  • DEGW

    A tremendous design firm based in Lower Manhattan, DEGW specializes in collaborative workspace design. Their worked on an abbreviated schedule to help us design our space, soliciting members for input, putting on design charrettes, and working with us on diagrams and layouts.

    They're highly professional, awesome, and ahead of the curve when it comes to designing workplaces.

  • Petbar Realty

    Lucy, our landlord, and Scott, who works with her, loved our idea and worked with us to structure the lease in a way that made it possible for us to finally secure our own space. In a world of risk-averse building owners, their trust in our concept was a critical and hard to find piece to our puzzle.

  • Belkin

    Power is one of the most important things to have in ample quantity at a coworking space. Belkin has helped us out with tremendous discounts on all of our power supplies and other accessories for both NWC 1.0 and 2.0. Thanks to their support, NWC enjoys a plentiful selection of beautiful, highly functional power strips.

Over the Years

What follows is a tiny fraction of the people who have gone far out of their way to offer their valuable time, expertise, money, and public support to make NWC what it is today. There's no way to acknowledge the hundreds of people who have all contributed in various capacities over the years, and there are certainly gross omissions to the below list. Over time, we'll be filling this out to recognize the contributions of as many of NWC's all star contributors as possible.

  • Alex Hillman, who has personally helped us through many difficult times, introduced us to people to have helped us at critical moments, publicly written and spoken about best practices, and has led by example. New Work City has been influenced by Alex in more ways than can be described.

  • Amit Gupta, who pioneered coworking communities in NYC with Jelly, which provided so much of the original inspiration for NWC. To this day, we still borrow Amit's genius wording about who is welcome in our community: anyone with work to do and a friendly disposition.

  • Atlantic Metro & Steve Klenert, who wired up our first space and gave us a good deal on internet at our first space, as well as discounts to our members.

  • Dana Spiegel, who has provided invaluable technical assistance, business advice, and steadfast support and friendship from the very beginning.

  • Don Crossland, who designed our new brand for our current site.

  • Element^N and Rabih Nassar, who were the first ones to give us a chance. By giving us a flexible sublease on their startup's space, we finally had a place of our own from which to grow our community.

  • Fredrick Selby, Deputy Mayor of NWC from 2008 to 2009, who was instrumental in getting NWC 1.0 online and has put more time into NWC than nearly anyone. He also is the only person in NWC history with a proven ability to keep our office plants alive.

  • GreenSpaces, whose founders reached out to us during our most uncertain times and provided a badly needed port in a storm.

  • IndyHall, which has been setting an example for NWC and coworking spaces around the world since 2007.

  • Jonathan Wegener, who has done everything from blogging and tweeting to introductions to awesome people to painting and scraping windows-- he's been one of NWC's most vocal and supportive members.

  • NYC Wireless, who have been doing nothing but great things for NWC and NYC for years.

  • Rob Kelley, who is NWC's Resident Superhero. Whether dropping everything to fix our network on zero notice on random winter evenings, or singlehandedly tranporting his donated futon to NWC on his lunch hour, Rob Kelley is a spandex suit away from being a real-life superhero.

  • Sanford Dickert, who was sick of hearing people talk about building a permanent coworking community in NYC and set out to see to it that it actually got built-- and put the pieces together to make New Work City possible.

  • Sara Chipps, who started out bringing us healthy fruits, has now built her own movement that bears fruits all its own-- Girl Develop It. She's busted ass for NWC on countless occasions and has set a shining example of what you can do with an awesome community.

  • Tara Hunt, who was instrumental in uniting people with shared values and goals around the world into a movement around the concept of coworking. She's provided invaluable advice and help over the years and is one of NWC's best friends.

  • Whitney Hess, who is NWC's longest standing member and supporter in every way conceivable. She pushes us to think bigger every day.

More awesome people who have helped NWC:

  • Alex Linsker
  • Amber Rae
  • Ana Hevesi
  • Anna Curran
  • Ben Fisher
  • Chris Conway
  • Campbell McKellar
  • Flash Mallach
  • Jim King
  • Johnny Bilotta
  • Kara Masi
  • Kris Smith
  • Luke Chamberlin
  • Mark Burstiner
  • Nate Heasley
  • Roman Fichman
  • Steelcase
  • Topher Ziobro