Get out of your house. Work alongside awesome people like yourself.

For six years and counting, we've been gathering in a shared space we built by and for people like us. So stop talking to your cat, put on some pants, and come work with us!

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Working for yourself shouldn't have to mean being on your own.

Leaving behind traditional employment is becoming increasingly normal, but it doesn't seem that way. The moment you decide to strike out on your own, you become responsible for everything. You don't necessarily have a lot of help, or people to bounce things off of. To forge your own path is a great thing, but doing it alone can be hard.

Good news: there's a movement for that. It's called coworking, and since 2005 it's been growing exponentially as more and more independent workers find new ways to gather. The premise is simple: instead of working in isolation in our homes or in coffee shops among strangers, we gather with intention in environments that are supportive to us getting to know each other while we work.

While having a space to work in is a critical component to the process, we recognize that we're gathering not because we need space, but because we want to be around people we get along with. While that could happen anywhere, coworking spaces provide a consistent and reliable place you can count on to welcome you with open arms any time.

Coworking gives us a way to work on our own things while still feeling like we're part of something bigger than ourselves. Feeling like you can commute to a place where people you know will be working and excited to see you can be a really, really good feeling. By forming communities around our shared needs, we create opportunities to help each other. Someone else's weakness is another's strength; together we are far more than the sum of our parts.

We built a coworking space so we wouldn't have to feel alone anymore.

We wanted to take all of the good parts about the office spaces we used to occupy, but leave behind all of the sucky parts. We wanted to make a workplace that we would feel excited to visit every day.

We built a place where who you are matters more than what you do. We discovered that when we gave people a chance to develop authentic relationships with each other in a natural way, people's lives and businesses end up thriving as a result. We discovered that treating people like adults and entrusting them with responsibility is a far more effective approach than dictating lots of rules.

We're New Work City. We're here for each other, and for you. We recognize that the future is a world in which we can no longer rely on traditional employers to handle everything for us. We see in that a tremendous opportunity, but we know we shouldn't be trying do it all on our own. We believe in gathering like-minded people who understand what it means to act out of mutual self-interest.

If you're interested, come in and spend some time with us. We promise we won't turn you away. If you should decide to join as a member, you'll have a chance to help enrich our culture and make our community that much better for everyone else. So if you're working for yourself, you're on your own, and you think you might want to work alongside people like you, do us a favor and come on by. We'd love for you to share your wonderful mind and soul with us.

Six ways to get the most out of your membership

If you're just using a coworking space as a workspace, you're missing out on the essence of what makes coworking so special. Coworking is a proven machine for helping people grow their businesses and their personal relationships. It's entirely a matter of how much you're willing to put into it. To that end, every member of New Work City has the opportunity to participate in any of the following:

Come to a WAMM (Welcome Aboard Member Meeting, that is)!
On the first Friday of every month, we invite members new and tenured to join to discuss who they are, why they joined, what they're working on, and what they need help with. (We also ask about everyone's favorite snack. It's a story our Minister of Fun would be happy to tell you.)
Message our online discussion group.
With a network of over 400 current and former members, our discussion group can be a powerful tool outside of the physical space. Every day, members message the group asking for help and sharing helpful information. Odds are good that if you need something, someone else in our community can help you (or they know someone who can).
Search our profile directory.
A simple place to see who's here and what they're working on. If you ever need to find someone with a particular interest or skillset, this is the place to go.
Attend an event.
We have a constant stream of events organized both by and for members and also by like-minded partners. Have a peek at what's coming up here.
Participate in a collaborative motivation session.
Dubbed Cotivation, these small groups of members meet weekly to set goals and keep each other accountable. As a member, you can join an existing group or start one of your very own.
Join for a Work Sprint.
Amidst an endless barrage of digital distractions, it's sometimes hard to get in some good healthy focus time. During Work Sprints, we gather to set aside some time to really focus on what we need to get done, and keep each other in line so we're not tempted to stray. As a member, you can join for a Work Sprint or run your own whenever you'd like. It's super simple but extremely powerful.

Membership at New Work City

Our culture has been carefully cultivated over the past six years to ensure that everyone who participates shares a sense of mutual respect for our space and each other. That means we trust each other to take care of things ourselves, which we find makes everything far more pleasant!

Membership is open to all, month-to-month, and always in your control. You can sign up or cancel at any time.

Meet amazing people.
Our profile directory, discussion group, and events make it easy for you to find people to befriend and collaborate with.
Get feedback.
Launching something new? Post it to our discussion group or show it off at our regular Show & Tell!
Stand, sit, or lounge.
What's your favorite spot? Choose from a variety of desks, standing desks, couches, and long tables.
Sign up or cancel anytime.
You manage your own subscription, so you can change your membership status on your own schedule.
Share everything.
From the internet to the coffee to the printers to the meeting rooms, everything in the space is shared by everyone.
Cowork around the world.
Membership gets you access to dozens of partnered coworking spaces with the Coworking Visa!
Enjoy speedy internet.
We've got two business-class cable connections and a backup line in case anything goes wrong.
Work on your time.
While our space is staffed from 9:00 to 6:00, some of our most trusted members have early access and others have been trained to lock up late into the evening. Talk to us about the hours that work best for you.
Drink it. We've got it. If you'd like, we'll even show you how to refill the tank so you can never go more than a few minutes without your fix!

Membership options

Memberships are month-to-month and open to all. You can sign up or cancel at anytime. There are no deposits or extra charges for anything, except if you need to rent our event space or a larger locker. Membership

Find out about upcoming gatherings.

  • Get periodic updates
  • Learn what's happening at New Work City
  • Join gatherings around town

Community Membership

Includes access one day a month.

  • Get discounts on additional days
  • Attend special members-only gatherings
  • Participate in online discussion group

DayTripper Membership

Includes four days of access per month.

  • Discounts on additional days
  • All other member benefits

Citizen Membership

Come and go as you please, Monday through Friday.

  • Get a locker to leave your stuff
  • All other member benefits

Just looking to spend a day here? We offer Day Passes too. Day Passes are $35/day for non-members and $30/day for members. We'll be available to help you get set up between 9:00am and 5:00pm; just stop by! Got questions? Contact us!

Looking to locate your team at New Work City? That's awesome! We've acted as a launchpad for many small teams over the years. We'll work with you to ensure each of your teammates is able to join as a member at a level that's appropriate for them (we don't do anonymous - each person has their own membership!). If you're interested in having your whole team join New Work City, contact us let us know your story and your needs!

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412 Broadway, Floor 2
New York, NY 10013 (map)

(212) 226-1585


NQR 6 JZ ACE 1 trains to Canal Street

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Peter Chislett

Deputy Mayor


Tony Bacigalupo

Co-founder & Mayor

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The Space Agents

These are folks who volunteer at the front desk in exchange for membership and career help. It's been an awesome program for everyone involved. Say hi to them when you see them!