Need to get out of your house? Join for an upcoming gathering!

Evening events are open to the public unless otherwise noted; check each respective event's page for pricing information. Daytime events are for members and people paying for Day Passes. For any questions, contact!

Orange-colored entries are Community Gatherings. These typically take place during business hours and are geared towards members, but can also be really great ways for newcomers to get onboarded into the community. Contact us if you're interested in joining for one of these!
Blue-colored entries are Events. These typically take place after hours and are open to the public. Some are organized by us, some by outsiders. Costs vary by event. Click an event for details!

If that's not enough for you, we also have a Meetup group!

Our community got its start through ad-hoc coworking gatherings, organized largely though the Coworking Community NYC Meetup group, which has grown to over 1,900 members since 2007. Check it out!

Check out our Meetup group!