NWC Organizers Club

Too many good organizers are getting chewed up by the day-to-day of running work­spaces. We're here to ensure people who care have everything they need to thrive.

Our purpose

The world will only get better when people band together to do something about it. That only happens when special individuals step up to make things happen. We call those people organizers.

This group is for people who are making the world a better place by empowering people to help one another in community.

Basic Membership


  • Sign the pledge to build an impactful community.
  • Get a fancy badge to display on your site.
  • Get an Impact Survey to send to your members. Your results will be included in the global survey, which you'll be mentioned in and have access to.
  • Get free resources to help you more effectively build great community.

Premium Membership

A private group just for people who care about doing more to build transformative communities in their regions. Includes:

  • Ultimate Coworking Toolkit with lots of procedures and resources to make community building an operations easier
  • A special speaker series with people who are building amazing communities we can learn from
  • A one-on-one coaching session that focuses on identifying actionable solutions to whatever's on your mind
  • Access to a discussion group with fellow organizers, where every participant has the opportunity to make use of the collective brain trust
  • A general commitment to being on your team and ensuring you have everything you need to continue building a thriving culture
  • Early access to our Coworking.org Ambassadors Program,where we're developing better tools to raise awareness about coworking in your area

A limited number of spots are available for our next group. Register now to secure your seat!

Who are we?

Tony Bacigalupo is a director at Open Coworking, a nonprofit that advocates for coworking worldwide. An avid organizer, Tony has been working on the development of coworking communities and support ecosystems for the new workforce since 2007.

He was cofounder and Mayor of NYC's first dedicated coworking space, New Work City, from 2008 to 2015. He's also the organizer of the Coworking Community NYC Meetup and co-organizer of the Dynamic Coworking Meetup.

Tony has experience consulting urban-level community development projects, including the Tony Hsieh's Downtown Project in Las Vegas, Bell Works in Holmdel, NJ, the 312 Main project in Vancouver, and the Hive at 55 (now LMHQ) in Lower Manhattan (the first coworking space run by a Business Improvement District).

Tony also has authored one book and co-authored another (No More Sink Full of Mugs: Lighten your workload, increase participation, and build better culture in your coworking space and I'm Outta Here: How coworking is making the office obsolete), and has spoken at various events around the world including SXSW, GCUC, and Maker Faire.

Learn more about Tony on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

New Work Cities is a project aimed at taking everything Tony and his team learned from his experience building New Work City and sharing it with fellow organizers around the world, collecting and sharing the expertise and perspectives of fellow coworking leaders along the way. New Work Cities works with organizations that are dedicated to building communities of empowered individuals who are together crafting new and better ways to work.