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New Work City’s First Anniversary and Member Launch Party

Posted on 02 October 2009 by tony

1st-anniversary-300My my, what a year it’s been! Join us Friday, October 23rd to celebrate NWC’s first year of coworking and to explore what’s in store for the future.

One year of coworking and more

It’s been a busy 12 months, both inside and outside of NWC:

We’ve made a lot of good friends. To the tune of  77 members throughout the year, 43 active members as of today, and dozens of visitors passing through from all corners of the world.

We helped make a lot of good things happen. On top of the great projects and products NWC members have developed over the course of the last year, some of which are highlighted below, we’ve also been home to the planning of BarCampNYC4, LaidOffCampNY, FashionCamp, OneWebDay, CultivateNY, the Breakout Festival, BigAppsDevCamp, Swagapalooza, and more. Our latest experiment is in CoStructure, where we work together to bring more sanity to our overworked lives.

We hosted a lot of good events. 22, to be exact, in our main Coworking NYC Meetup Group, which has blossomed to over 550 members. On top of that, we kicked off the Runway Project and helped hundreds of newfound independents get started on working for themselves over the course of 13 volunteer-led brainstorming and educational events. We’ve also been home to several other Meetups, including the Open Government Meetup, the Math Club Meetup, the Social Causes/Social Media Meetup, Groovy Grails Meetup and more. We also organized two fantastic TEDxNWC events, where some of NYC’s greatest minds got together to discuss creating a better future.

We had a lot of good times. Between Coworking After Hours, TechDrinks, some impromptu bouts of Beatles Rock Band, lunch outings and more, we’ve all had plenty of good times in between getting things done.

That’s a whole lot of good.

As we go, New Work City is going to continue to grow and evolve. As the past year’s activities have made clear, NWC is far more than just a place to work– it’s a growing, thriving community of incredible people, and we as a collective group are going to work together to find new ways to help each other.

Member Launch Party

NWC’s members have been hard at work, and on 10/23 we’ll showcase their awesome stuff:

Darrell Silver presents TechCrunch50 finalist, which lets you archive sites and go back in time to see how they’ve evolved over time. It’s like the Wayback Machine on steroids on a healthy diet and exercise!
If you’ve ever wanted to send a batch of links in Twitter or elsewhere, but found that sending all those links was too onerous, you can use Sara Chipps’ to create a really simple package of links, and get a short URL to direct people to a simple and elegant list of those links.

The Circuit
Mark Burstiner, the NYC tech scene’s de facto event video streamer, steps in front of the camera for a show about the awesomest things happening on the web.

Kevin Prentiss’s RedRover helps new college students connect to each other through shared interests—sort of like what those cheesy ice breakers were supposed to do, but this actually works, is online, and is not cheesy.

Gib Reimschussel
offers a service that allows you to conduct usability tests virtually online– and lets you record videos of the users’ reactions and experiences. A simple, affordable option for companies that need to conduct lightweight usability testing.

Frederic Guarino will share with us a new service that lets you manage your Twitter conversations easily and on a large scale, as well as see in-depth statistics about the activity of people talking to and about you.

Maybe A Secret New Announcement From Tony
Which is a secret, but everyone who attends will be able to participate!

Event Details

New Work City
200 Varick St, Room 507B
New York, NY 10014 (map)

1 to Houston St.
ACE BDFV to W. 4th St.

This is a rough outline of the evening’s activities and is subject to change. Needless to say, make sure you actually get there by 9.
08:00pm – Event start, Beatles Rock Band
09:00pm – Drinks, snacks, & social
10:00pm – Talks from Tony and members
10:30pm – More socializing
Late night – Musical entertainment

Does this sound as fun to you as it does to me? I think it does! So get your RSVP on!

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See you there!

Mayor Tony

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