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People Who Have Helped Us

Posted on 13 January 2009 by tony

When we say New Work City is a community coworking space, we mean it– this place was literally built by the community. Below is just a sample of the countless people who believe in what NWC is about and have helped along the way.

Alex Hillman and IndyHall – Belkin hookup, countless free unsticking sessions, and for being a living blueprint for an ideal coworking community

Atlantic Metro and Steve Klenert – Great specials on hosting for NWC members, singlehandedly lit up our whole space, and is continuously working on getting us an insanely great internet connection

Belkin – Discounted merchandise

Dave Schmierer – Cash contribution for something fun to be named later :-)

ITAC – Sponsorship of launch party

Jay Levy & Zelkova Ventures – IP Camera

Lou, Diane, and Laura Bacigalupo – New Worker poster + food & decorations at NWC launch party

LTL Prints – Discounted poster print of NWC logo (with bonus smaller stickers!)

Mike Dizon – Multiple batches of Beard Papa

Nichelle – Delicious treats and beautiful glass cookie jar

Robert Sosinski – Coffeemaker and water filter

Tara Hunt & Citizen Space – Guestbook and Pro/Con Pad, and so much inspiration :-)

Union G – Christmas Tree

Whitney Hess – Get Better Soon Box, Hannukah Christmas lights, an excellent blog post about why she works at NWC, and so much love and support.

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